Poppers recommended for Giant Trevally fishing!! Let us know your favourites!!

http://www.reefari.com Here’s a few poppers which we recommend giving a try for Giant trevally, not all by or means and we have a few more up our sleeves which will feature down the track, In this video check out the Halco Rooster Poppers, Rover 230 Stickbaits, Captiva Poppers and recommend the use of heavy duty hooks and split rings.
Please comment with your favourite poppers and stickbaits, Will review a few more soon, with each popper, stickbaits having different actions and worked differently. The new river2Sea Doggie stickbaits look excellent and will be trying them out as well.
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Cheers Greg

Also more great Giant Trevally action and info at our website below and well worth checking out,