EXTREME Shark Fishing on Crowded Beach


Beach Shark Fishing. Hybrid Shark Caught. Breaking News, Epic conditions as you can see in the video and Payam caught a very nice Blacktip stark. The shark broke the line as soon as it hit the sand. You can see in the video that the shark is wrapped in some blue rope. I wish we could have gotten a better release and got that rope off the shark. Otherwise an epic mullet run day. Congrats on Payam for running that dog. Happy Bait.

Its a shark eat your prized Reef Fish World!!

http://www.reefari.com Don’t you hate it when a shark attacks and eats your prized reef fish!! And they know which ones to take, mainly attacking your coral trout, and in this video Ken’s nice Red Emperor and a large Nannygai. But that’s fishing and you have to pay your reef tax. Don’t believe the Greenies, but there are plenty of sharks on the Great Barrier Reef, and we do lose alot of reef fish to the sharks. There mainly bronze whalers, and small white and black tip reef sharks. Occasionally you’ll also come across Hammerhead and tiger sharks. That’s life on the Great barrier Reef, it’s a shark eat your reef fish world.

It’s amazing how the sharks know the difference between Mowong, Chinamen and Red Emperor/Coral trout etc, but they do, and will leave the former fish alone. If the sharks are around, there’s not much you can do, use heavier fishing line and bring the reef fish to the boat As quick as possible, or sometimes you have to move to a new fishing spot.
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Cheers Greg
This was filmed on a recent mothershipping fishign charter and more great info can be found at http://www.mackayfishingcharters.com.au/