Shimano Stella SW 2013 : The Review

asically 99 out of every 100 anglers in the world have heard of the Stella, but for the 1 in 100 who didn’t, it’s the flagship spinning reel of Shimano, appearing for the first time exactly 20 years ago. It was in the year 1993 that the first Stella made its debut as a spinning reel built to the highest possible standards, and costing nearly 4 times as much as the most expensive spinning reels available back then. It came in the smaller sizes initially, then the larger sizes followed over the following couple of years…










Shimano Stella STL20000SW Spinning Reel – J&H Tackle

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The Shimano Stella 20000 SW is a beast of a spinning reel! Putting out an amazing 55#s of drag, there is not a fish in the ocean it cannot handle. If you are a serious offshore fisherman who likes to use spinning gear, then the Shimano Stella STL20000SW is definitely for you!