Perfect for ROCK fishes at SLOW JIGGING / SeaRideV, BlueBlue

Effective methods for SLOW JIGGING! The LATEST Japanese jigging technique, utilizing jig’s FALLING action.
The main usage of SeaRideV with knotting into tail eyelet(knotting into opposite eyelet to SeaRide eyes).
With movie of swimming action, Explaining how SeaRideV can be moved effectively, how it falls and slides in the water.

Winding and full of cheats slow pitch jerk! “Paddle does not tempted to eagle” Shigemi Norihiro

Creator of the slow pitch jerk Long Fall jerk 
to send it invited lecturer Sato MitsuruHiroshi 
“paddle does not tempted to eagle!” Shigemi Norihiro first series 
winding slow-pitch jerk complete capture. Caprice … throw jar Car …