Land based snapper fishing Part II

The survivors are still stranded out on the rocks…. Tension is building and fierce competitiveness for the biggest fish threatens to ruin their friendship. This episode has all the full-on action and stunning footage that the Ultimate Fishing Show is Famous for — but you’ll get a few laughs too!

Land based snapper fishing

Matt and a couple of his mates head out to a small rocky island loaded with fish but get stranded when the boat drifts way. Get a few laughs as the guys take the mickey out of the survivor TV series while catching a heap of big fish off the rocks.

Jigging for Fingermark!! or Golden snapper!! Fingermark fish, also known as golden snapper are a highly prized catch jigging offshore in North Queensland and they tend to be your larger versions, which are even better. An awesome looking fish, with attitude and teeth to match. These are like a turbocharged Mangrove jack being from the same Lutjanid family. They grow slowly and become a lot wiser which makes the larger versions a vary rare capture. With the editor of NQ Fish and Boat Lee Brake, we’ve had some great success lately working inshore reef patches jigging Soft plastics and metal slugs. We got one on an elevator Nitro jig and one on a halco twisty 30gram. Usually you’ll work these slugs/slices with a high speed retrieve, but also works very effectively vertically jigging just off the bottom, also landing some nice coral trout and trevally. Well worth a try.
Jigging soft plastics early morning is the go for targeting fingermark so make sure you get up and out there early also to have the best chance.
Fingermark are very slow growing and aren’t around in large numbers so make sure you don’t catch too many, and they do suffer from Barotrauma and don’t release well.
You must book early for our limited mothershipping fishing charters and we are almost full for this year, so start planning for next year. I can’t wait to have another crack at these Giant trevally, Red Emperor, Spanish Mackerel and heaps more.
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