Big Giant Trevally on New Tuff Tackle 8000GT Brawn, Crazy Tail Twisted Leaders!! A big GT (Giant Trevally) to Darryl on our way home on our Recent Mothershipping charter with Centurion in this fishing video. An awesome GT, approx 25 kg’s and 1.15 metres in length which was caught on a new Brawn Tuff tackle 8000GT Rod/Reel Combo, with 80lb Braid, a 150lb Crazy tail twisted leader, and a River 2 Sea, Rover 230 stickbait. An excellant GT combo which I swear by and have caught some excellant fish on. This Stickbait is an old favourite now with barely and paint left on it, and will be a sad day when I lose this Stickbait. It pays to try something different and on a slow day around the islands with no luck trolling lures we decided to work some poppers and stickbaits and caught this big GT. Show it pays to spice things up.
GT fishing becomes addictive and the results are worth all the hard work, it was also quite rough in the background which makes the catch even more special. This Big GT was quickly photographed and released well. Please release all GT’s as they’re not great for eating and too good to catch only once. Mackay islands and reefs have a healthy population of GT’s and well worth a go. Check out the new Tuff Tackle Brawn 8000 GT reel, unreel bit of gear and I highly recommend one, We caught some great fish on these reels and the older Diablo series, but these new Brawns look and feel even better.
To get into some of the best Red emperor and Giant trevally fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you check out our long range Mothershipping charters to some remote untouched Red emperor fishing some 200 kilometres offshore, It Just doesn’t get any better. With only limited spots and limited trips, it Pays to book early.
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Monster Golden Trevally!!! These couple of huge monster Golden Trevally were caught on our recent mothershipping Charter to the outer Great Barrier Reef. These were big fish, and some of the biggest Golden Trevally I’ve seen, pushing at least 10 Kilograms and about as big as they grow. They also fight hard and take some stopping and this was with 50lb braid. Not sure if they get a similar fish in the United states, but the trevally family is referred to Jacks over there.
Golden Trevally can be found from inshore estuaries, reefs to the deep shoals. this is where you find the extra large goldens and are great to see. Most often you’ll catch them on flesh baits or sqid. Another great way of targetting these fish is using soft plastics and we’ve caught more monsters jigging Berkley Gulp 7″ Jerk Shad baits. Well worth a go jigging the deep reefs and shoals.
The younger smaller golden trevally are a beautiful golden colour with approx 10 narrow vertical stripes. They lose this golden hue and become more silver, with the golden coloration coming back when they die. This is how you can tell that they definately are golden trevally. Grants Guide has got them growing to 37Kg, which is a very large fish, but would think anything more than 10 kilo’s is a monster, I’ve never seen fish this big, and maybe is mixed up with Giant trevally which will grow to these sizes. These arguably are the best eating of the trevally fish family, but I prefer to release as usually we have a good feed of Red emperor, Coral trout and Nannygai, Too good to catch once and add some variety when fishing the reef. Remember only take what you need. There is no minimum size limit on Golden Trevally.
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Poppers recommended for Giant Trevally fishing!! Let us know your favourites!! Here’s a few poppers which we recommend giving a try for Giant trevally, not all by or means and we have a few more up our sleeves which will feature down the track, In this video check out the Halco Rooster Poppers, Rover 230 Stickbaits, Captiva Poppers and recommend the use of heavy duty hooks and split rings.
Please comment with your favourite poppers and stickbaits, Will review a few more soon, with each popper, stickbaits having different actions and worked differently. The new river2Sea Doggie stickbaits look excellent and will be trying them out as well.
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How to work a popper lure for Giant Trevally!!
Poppers are the best lure for Giant trevally, and here’s a great how to video on working popper lures for best results on Giant trevally. We use and recommend the Tuff Tackle Diablo reels 9000 or even better the 10000 which is rated for up to 130lb. Awesome value, awesome service and awesome drags ideal for working poppers for Giant trevally, who are extra tough on your fishing gear. With poppers it takes a good regular action and technique for Giant trevally. Poppers are perfect in representing a baitfish in distress, trying to flee a Giant trevally, and it’s this distress which gets the Giant Trevally fired up, and they can’t help themselves. Adrenaline pumping stuff for us fisherman with spectacular surface hookups the result. A good bloop bloop action is the go with a good splash. Gets Giant trevally really excited, and a regular speed enables them to hit the mark, with some spectacular surface strikes. Quality reels, rods and terminal tackle is needed, and hang on for hell of a battle.
Stickbaits are also worth working, bit faster and easier to retrieve. If possible great to have a couple of anglers working lures, one with a popper, and one with a stickbait.
Great areas to work are points and any shallow reefs or bommies. So work that popper, across the point, or along a good edge if possible. Shools of Bait are always good to see, as usually the predators won’t be too far away. Work your popper along the sides of the school, as not to spook the bait school, but the predators will be waiting for a sick injured fish. Always make sure you get your popper up nice and close in the white water, where Giant trevally love to sit under and smash any unsuspecting baitfish.
We had a go, but on the day, no Giant Trevally wanted to play, but that’s fishing. It’s always worth a try, and have even caught a nice flowery cod which smashed a lure about a metre off the rocks. So does pay to get it in close.
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