Tuna and Mackerel Trolling Great barrier reef

http://www.reefari.com This fishing video shows some great fishing and trolling tips for Tuna and Spanish Mackerel off Mackay around the islands and parker reef. These fishing tips will work anywhere on the Great barrier reef from Hervey bay to Cairns and further north, so well worth a try. This was a gamefishing weekend with the mackay game fishing club and Ian was kind enough to take us for a run on his 18ft Shark cat, “Mates Rate”. The weather was perfect and it was great to see how the smaller cats run. An older hull but with great sea keeping abililties it wasn’t bothered on the day with only small chop. They make for a great fishing boat with heaps of deck space, and can fish up to 4 anglers with no worries. They’re also great for trolling with us running a spread of two lures and two wogs with gars. It’s also worth checking out our “how to rig wogs” video, an easy trolling rig and deadly on Spanish Mackerel. The success rates with these trolling rigs are excellant.
The weather was perfect and as soon as we got to Calder Island, the Tuna were on the Chew, we managed to catch, tag and release a few northern Blue or also known as longtail tuna on lures straight up. Jason lost a real nice fish and could have been a good sized spanish Mackerel, but that’s fishing. After a few nice fish and some good tag points on the cards and the fishing slowed we headed off to Parker reef, about 45 nautical miles off Mackay. As mentioned in the video it’s always worth a troll on the northern point of Calder Island. Always look for defined points and deep water/ledges, they’re normally always be some pelagic fish nearby.
Here we did some more trolling and come across some good numbers of juvenile Spanish Mackerel, nothing huge but once again we got some good points for the Game fishing comp. For the one day we went well and missed out on winning by one fish, and that could have been the one I dropped on the side of the boat. We ended up with a good haul of fish, although we tagged and released them all and had some good laughs. Great for research as well!!
Sometimes fishing, it’s just great to get out on the water.
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