How to work a popper lure for Giant Trevally!!
Poppers are the best lure for Giant trevally, and here’s a great how to video on working popper lures for best results on Giant trevally. We use and recommend the Tuff Tackle Diablo reels 9000 or even better the 10000 which is rated for up to 130lb. Awesome value, awesome service and awesome drags ideal for working poppers for Giant trevally, who are extra tough on your fishing gear. With poppers it takes a good regular action and technique for Giant trevally. Poppers are perfect in representing a baitfish in distress, trying to flee a Giant trevally, and it’s this distress which gets the Giant Trevally fired up, and they can’t help themselves. Adrenaline pumping stuff for us fisherman with spectacular surface hookups the result. A good bloop bloop action is the go with a good splash. Gets Giant trevally really excited, and a regular speed enables them to hit the mark, with some spectacular surface strikes. Quality reels, rods and terminal tackle is needed, and hang on for hell of a battle.
Stickbaits are also worth working, bit faster and easier to retrieve. If possible great to have a couple of anglers working lures, one with a popper, and one with a stickbait.
Great areas to work are points and any shallow reefs or bommies. So work that popper, across the point, or along a good edge if possible. Shools of Bait are always good to see, as usually the predators won’t be too far away. Work your popper along the sides of the school, as not to spook the bait school, but the predators will be waiting for a sick injured fish. Always make sure you get your popper up nice and close in the white water, where Giant trevally love to sit under and smash any unsuspecting baitfish.
We had a go, but on the day, no Giant Trevally wanted to play, but that’s fishing. It’s always worth a try, and have even caught a nice flowery cod which smashed a lure about a metre off the rocks. So does pay to get it in close.
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Cheers Greg
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