The STRONGEST & SMALLEST braid to leader knot ever created. (POV detailed explaination.)

This is the greatest line to line knot ever made for braided lines to a leader or top shot! This is my first video demonstration of it so i hope it helps!

The Albright Knot Tying Animation

The Albright Knot is a great knot for tying two lines together, especially leaders to main line.

Assembling Double Assist Hooks for Slow Pitch Jigging

Seafloor Control Rector
ASS assist line PE20 Fluoro Core
Decoy Pike type-R #2/0
ASS solid ring 6mm
Decoy GP ring #4

Tying assist cord for jigging – ‘Pirates’ style

Method 5 – ‘Pirates’ Style: My fifth video for tying assist cord for jigs,using two hooks and a squid skirt

A method for rigging up replacement assist cord rigs for inchiku jigs (also known as pirates and a few other names). This technique is also good for metal ‘speed jigs’ if you tie the legs a little shorter.

You can use solid or hollow core assist cord for this method and the hooks can be attached using the knot of your choice. A few other knot options will be covered in one of my upcoming videos.

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How to tie the Sebile Knot, FG Knot, Jigging Knot, Popping Knot, Seamless Knot

This was my best attempt to show off my FG knot tying skills….LOL
This is the knot that I use primarily for my casting setups. It’s strong and it casts extremely well. FG/Sebile Knot.

Assist hooks line tie – two hooks

A recommended tie for assist hooks using Maya assist hooks line.