Awesome reef Jigging!! Great Barrier Reef!!

Another top day out on the water, and some excellant jigging the deep reefs of Mackay out in the Shipping Channel. This is only part of a great day’s fishing, but well worth checking out the great success on jigs. We had a good trolling session and landed several Spanish Mackerel on lures, but the boat traffic sent them deep, so knowing the fish were there, we got the knife jigs out, and proceeded to lose them, with no wire. We were seeing heaps of fish on the sounder down deep and decided to drop some jigs down. Well worth giving the jigs a go, you can see the fish are there but not biting on baits, it’s well worth giving Jigging a go. Bit of action on the jigs seems to get the fish biting, and quality ones at that. We did lose alot of jigs at the first spot to Spanish mackerel, so make sure you have a bit of wire, or wire assist hooks on your jigs. The berkley gulps are awesome plastics and love the 7 ” Jerk shads. We got some lovely Golden Trevally and a real nice estuary cod on the Them. I got busted up by a horse fish which smashed me about half way up, must have been a big golden trevally, just couldn’t stop him.
I’m becoming a big fan of jigging, so subscribe and I’m sure you’ll see alot more video’s on this,
Cheers Greg
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