Big Baits for Big Giant Trevally!! Fishing video!! This fishing video, big baits for Big giant trevally shows some tips on how to catch the monster Giant trevally, We hooked a monster but unfortunately the Giant trevally reefed us or weakened the 130lb braid on the hull. Plenty of big GT’s out on the Hardline, but very hard to stop. Mike had a go on the Tuff Tackle and the boys jumped in the Dory, now this was one hell of a fish, towing a 14 foot dory and three blokes, towed into the dark at a couple of knots.
That’s GT fishing and very hard to catch the Big ones. Giant trevally will often come around the boats at the anchorage looking for a easy feed. With live trout boats filleting there catch the GT’s will eat the frames. It’s an amazing sight to See Giant trevally swalling whole 2 kg Redthroat frames like lollies. this was Out at Whitetip Reef anchorage on the Outer Hardline of the Great Barrier Reef some 200 kilometres offshore from Mackay. Fishing paradise.
We use a 150lb crazy tail twisted leader, Brawn tuff tackle reel and 130lb braid, to at least have a chance of catching these monster GT’s. The Crazy tail twisted leader also had a wire stinger beefed up with Owner 5/O ST66 Trebles. Will have to try again next time with some of these big GT’s reaching 50 Kilo’s.
Book early as these are limited charters and almost full for this year for Sept and October, only a couple of spaces left. Can’t wait to have another crack at these Monster GT’s. It’s Just amazing as these fishing videos show and that’s just some of the fish and awesome variety, Make sure you’ve see the whole series (4 parts) on this amazing Mothershipping fishing adventure.
To get into some of the best Giant trevally, Reef fishing on the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you check out our long range Mothershipping charters with Centurion and Raptor II.
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