How To Catch Spanish Mackerel

spanih mackeral queensland

Spanish mackerel is truly one of the greatest Pelagics in the ocean, with awesome streamlining and screaming runs, impressive razor-sharp teeth, and also they are great to eat with some fantastic mackeral recipes available!!

It’s one unreel fish with serious attitude. Other names also known as Narrow Barred Mackerel or King mackerel in USA. Spanish mackerel grow up to 60 kilo’s and 7 foot in length, although they are more commonly caught between 10 and 20 kilo’s in size.

Mackay is truly blessed with a great Spanish Mackerel run between June and October every year, with fish pushing 30 kilograms and the odd 40 kilogram monster. It’s possible though to pick one up anytime throughout the year, with lone resident Mackerel around, so always keep that live bait or floater out.

The Spanish mackerel fishing seems to keep on improving with new fishing regulations seeming to have an impact with bag limits of three per person. Remember the size limit of 75 centimetres as well. Three’s heaps anyhow, so only take what you need, especially when on a hot bite, it’s easy to bag out.

Some of the best techniques for catching Spanish mackerel are Trolling Lures and Baits, Jigging chrome lures.

Using live baits and even the old floating Pilchard or Gar. Definitely worth trying a couple or even all of these techniques to increase your chances.

When trolling, try having a mix of lures and swimming gar or Wolf herring. There’s a heap of different ways to make your own mackerel rig using a herring, but check out our Swimming Wolf herring rig below, it just doesn’t get any easier with excellent hook up rates….

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