Closeup big fish hot bite!! Underwater fishing video!! Great Barrier Reef!! Some awesome underwater fishing video action with our new sony action camera out on the Great Barrier reef. This is what happens down below in 50 metres of water. Great to see another angle on our fishing videos. Watch in High definition and full screen if possible to watch how these big fish attack the baits. A lot more fish then I expected and a very flat featureless bottom, heaps of big fish up nice and close. Pretty amazing stuff. When there on the chew they’re not bothered by the Sony Action camera. Heaps of big fish, big Nannygai and a big cod as well in this video. Great to see, and even good to see the one that got away, so I did hook a largemouth Nannygai, but they do have soft mouths and we do drop a few. Let them take the bait well and smooth pump and wide when winding them up to the surface. We caught plenty that day and left them biting, so don’t overfish your marks or they will suffer and think of the next time you want to go fishing.
We have the sony action cam set us on top of our easy Paternoster rig, with a short wire trace in case of sharks. Great to see how it all works in the deep water and the way your bait and rig drifts along the bottom.
The Sony action Cam has been great, waterproof up to 70 metres, supposedly, I’ve used mine in about 50metres. Great quality video so no complaints, More deep water fishing videos coming soon so make sure you subscribe.
To get amongst this great action check our website with limited mothershipping fishing charters for next year. we usually run these over Aug to Nov to coincide with the best weather, fishing and best tides for the ultimate reef fishing trip.
Gotta love the Great Barrier Reef, Truly awesome stuff
Cheers Greg
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