Try fishing Paternoster Rig with Soft Plastics, fishing tips!! The Paternoster rig is an excellant fishing rig, but try using soft plastics instead of bait, next time out fishing, top fishing tip. In this fishing video, We were on a reef fishing trip recently on the Great Barrier reef, when we made a “No bait rule”. The fishing was incredible and we filled the esky by 7am and we still kept catching fish all day. We’ll use the Paternoster rig in about 50 metres of water with great success using bait, but this day gave us the opportunity to experiment a bit with soft plastics and octo jigs.
Make sure you check out our how to tie an easy Paternoster rig video, and then try and use them with Paternoster. They worked well and Jamie got some great fish on them, and I’ll be giving it a go in the future on our upcoming mothershipping trip.
Basically just tie a normal paternoster rig, still put the sinker on the bottom, and instead of bait for a soft plastic on your hooks. I would recommend the Berkley gulp soft plastics as the fish readily take these scent impregnated soft plastics and will hook themselves. Jamie was using circle hooks which was interesting as the reef fish were hooking themselves, and best of all in the corner of the mouth, which makes releasing unwanted fish easier. Jamie caught a big Red Emperor on a soft plastic grub, but if you watch the video closely, Jamie was fighting a good fish, when he unfortunately lost it, then Incredibly another good Red Emperor (the one landed) jumped on the other soft plastic, pretty amazing stuff, and show’s how good the plastics can be. I’ve got some Berkley grubs which I think will be perfect use use. We also got some nice Spangled emperor and Largemouth Nannygai on the Paternoster rigs using soft plastics. The motion of the boat is enough to keep the plastics moving nicely though the water. On numerous occasions, we’ve caught fish just leaving in the rod holder it’s that easy. So next time you’re out fishing give it a go,
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