Fishing Tip – Use a Smooth Pump and wind Rod technique when fishing A good fishing tip, When fishing use a nice smooth pump and wind technique. This fishing tip is something all anglers should be doing, and especially with new non stretch braided fishing lines. Raise and lower your rod in a nice smooth action, and this prevents shock loading to your hooked fish. Wind in as much line as you can when you drop your rod. Another exercise is to try this attaching your line to a set of scales. Pumping and striking madly will increase the drag pressure on your fish and can pull the hooks or break your line. this is even more important when reef fishing and targetting deeper fish such as Red emperor and Nannygai and using braided fishing lines. Nannygai have soft mouths and if not hooked well, it’s quite easy to pull your hooks. So pays to take it easy with your fish. We use 50 lb braid on the reef and with the appropriate drag setting can stop most fish. It normally doesn’t hurt to let them run a bit and wear themselves out. Of course, Sharks can be a problem and then you don’t have time to muck around. Use your thumb for extra drag on the spool, but still a nice pump and wind technique will bring large fish even to the boat.
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