Fishing Tips – What’s the best bait to use when Reef fishing In this fishing tips video, I run through the best bait to use when reef fishing. I like to use a mix of bait, with fresh flesh, Squid and Pilchards the best mix. If using a Paternoster rig (see our fishing tips video), which is the most common rig for deep reef fishing, and usually two or three hooks, you can send down a smorgasboard of bait. Best bet is to send down a mix of bait. The pilchard is soft and breaks up and acts as bit of berley, with the Squid and Flesh baits harder to get off for the pickers.
Its always worth trying fish wings for a larger quality reef fish, such as huge Red emperor which is caught in this video. An awesome 75 cm Red, caught on fresh flesh bait, they also love fish wings, secret red emperor tip!! This video was filmed on our recent mothershipping Trip to the outer Great Barrier reef, and this was an average Red for the trip, with the Best Red going 85cm’s to Mick, Trophy Fish!! Hussar are also great bait and a favourite of the red emperor. They’re usually in plentiful numbers on the deep reefs and shoals, and worth cutting up for bait. So always have fresh bait, and you’ll also catch more coral trout on fresh flesh baits,
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