Hardline fishing Charters Continued, Sharks revenge!! Day 2, Part2 !!

http:www.reefari.com Part 2 of our Hardline reef fishing adventure, more awesome fishing in some remote country some 200 kilometres plus offshore. The sharks took revenge on us taking alot of quality fish before we could get them to the boat. We do lose some fish to the sharks but this was just not fun. Heartbraking stuff, plus tackle losses was high. By the end of the trip we were getting very low on tackle and it wasn’t funny.
Michael scored a quaity black GT on a west Coast popper, which gave him a grea work out on 80lb tackle and started to straighten the trebles. They’re a mega tough fish with Attitude and great to see him swim off to fight another day. To get into some of the best Giant Trevally and Deep sea fishing action on the Great Barrier Reef, make sure you check out our long range Mothershipping charters with Centurion and Raptor II, to some remote untouched Red emperor and Giant trevally fishing some 200 kilometres offshore, We only have very limited Mothershippping charters, book early for next year, or you will miss out.
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Cheers Greg
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