How to kill a fish Iki Jime

How to kill a fish, uses the Iki Jime technique, and old Japanese method. Get a good sharp knife with a strong short blade, or an Iki Jime tool. This is usually just a straight metal spike or similar which can then be inserted into the fishes Brain. The brain is usually located between the eyes, and back a little bit, about one inch on Spanish Mackerel. I like to use the knife and cut in a forward and backward direction and you can’t miss. You’ll know when you find the fish’s Brain.

This is a great fishing tip video, and is highly recommend for looking after your catch. Fishing takes alot of time and money, so you want to respect and look after your fish, and great feed to follow. With a bit of practice it is very effective of killing the fish instantly and prevents further damage to the fishes flesh, from the fish thrashing about on the deck and bruising it’s meat. Great for larger Fish such as Tuna and Mackerel as they can be quite dangerous and hard to handle. Just make sure they are secured well when you bring them onboard. This kills the fish instantly and you’ll tell by the fish becoming completely still. This is the best way to respect your fish/catch, and end the fishes suffering with a quick humane death. Also still bleed the fish as well at the same time, I like to use scissors and cut the throat, also reducing the red meat, bloodline and keeping the fish as fresh as possible. The next step is to chill the fish down in an ice cold saltwater slurry if possibly and keep on ice. The fish can then last several days iced down properly. Dubstep you could say, but a must do, and no point leaving the fish out in the sun for an hour or more as it will start to deteriorate, especially in our hot summers on the Great Barrier reef. With the price of reef fish nowadays going through the roof, it does pay to look after your catch.
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