Knife Jigging for Spanish Mackerel This fishing and jigging video shows Knife jigs are great for targetting deep water pelagic fish, It’s a tactic we’ll use when the Spanish Mackerel are holding deep below the trolled lures. Quite often you’ll see a school of fish and generally the larger mackerel, etc aren’t far away, Drift the school and structure with knife jigs can be a game changer and put some runs on the board. That’s what we did in this video and scored some nice Spanish for the effort, or else we wouldn’t have caught anything. Just drop your jig to the bottom and high speed retrieve, Mackerel just love a fast retrieve and will quickly home in on your lure if in the area. This jigging technique is also great on other species such as Yellowtail Kingfish and Samson fish.
The jigs are Reidy’s Heavy duty knife jigs, with a great variety of sizes. The only thing I would recommend is putting wire assist hook rigs on to prevent bite off by Spanish mackerel’s sharp teeth.
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