Larva’s new and patented Rapid Interchangeable lure system allows you to change lure heads in less than 5 seconds without twisting, screwing and complicated leader and skirt changes. No more are you forced to change out your whole lure, leader and favorite skirt color when conditions change or an alternate swimming action is required. With Larva lures patented Rapid Interchangeable lure system you can simply change lure heads altering your lures swimming action in less than 5 seconds! All Larva Interchangeable lure heads are enhanced by the revolutionary, precision engineered, patented ‘S’ curve channel combined with a disjointed head to create a bubble trail never before seen. Larva Lures have been extensively tested and are endorsed by top charter boat Captains across the South Pacific after producing tournament winning performances. Larva Lures are available in two ultimate set packs which combined provide anglers with a total of 4 Interchangeable lure heads, consisting of a Jet Head & Flat Head or a Cup Head and Sliced Head which all Interchange in less than 5 seconds! With 10 awesome color combinations and lure sizes, 6.5″, 9.5″, 12″, 15″ and 17inch (teaser), Larva has you and the fish covered.
Larva Lures are a Registered Design and subject to Enforceable International Patents.

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