Popping and Jigging Latham Island, Tanzania

Raymond, Jorge, Marcus and Trevor traveled to Tanzania in November of 2013 to fish with Mady and Jason of Sport Fishing Tanzania. The group popped and jigged around Latham Island.

As written by Raymond:

Although the fishing was slow, the trip was definitely an enjoyable and successful one! It takes a lot of hard work and luck when it comes to GT fishing and you really need some luck for dogtooth tuna fishing (a hook up doesn’t necessary means you will land it), I learned it the hard way Although I did not land any dogtooth this trip, I really enjoyed the company of such a great crew and we really had a ton of fun, smiles, arguments and memories, not forgetting a big THANK YOU to Jason and Mady, you guys are top notch!

Tackle used,

Rod : Race Point150,200&250, Hot’s, Synit, MC Works & Carpenter.
Reel : Shimano Stella SW & SWB, Trinidad, Torsa & JM
Lures : Carpenter, Siren, Shell Shaping, Bertox, Hammer Head, Patriot Design, Smith Tobiika, Moutoukenmaru……..
Jigs : Shimano, Shout, Lamble Bait Haoli, Hot’s, FCL Labo,CB One, Deep Liner……..

For more pics and full report check out the “Saltywater Chronicles” page on Facebook.

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