Sami Lands 306 lb Bluefin Tuna with OBX-5410XX Jigging Rod

In March of 2012 Sami fished for bluefin tuna with Mogi-San and other guest anglers from Japan. The crew fished on the Sea Breeze out of Oregon Inlet, North Carolina.
In this video Sami lands a 306 lb bluefin tuna using the OBX-5410XX, which is Saltywater Tackle’s own brand of jigging rods. During the whole fight Sami went “freestyle;” no harness or bucket, just his trusty MC Works fighting belt.
The tuna was caught using a Hots Drift Tune Jig.


Australian’s Brendan Wing, Rock Wyrsta and Tom Grubb fish with Adam Sherer out of Cape Cod USA in 2011. The goal to sight cast wild atlantic bluefin in the open ocean. Join the boys as they track, find and eventually hook one of these elusive giants. This is an entire episode of YouFishTV Australia and features some amazing footage of wildlife in the ocean including migrating humback whales

Bluefin Popping with Konishi-San in Hatteras

Konishi-San of Carpenter came to the U.S. in February 2012 to fish for bluefin tuna with Sami. Konishi-San brought 3 other anglers, including Tashiro-San of the Sunrise, Nishio-San, and Ajiti-San. The group traveled to Hatteras, North Carolina and fished for four days on the Tuna Duck.

The crew ended up landing 8 tuna out of 17 hooked over the four days, all on topwater using stickbaits. Needless to say, we think Konishi-San and friends will be back next year.


YouFishTV creator and host Winga realizes a 4 year-old dream when he and the boys film the epic battle of a mega southern bluefin tuna on a Shimano Stella threadline outfit. The fish weighs 116.3kgs and is taken under the breathtaking cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula at Eagle Hawk Neck in Tasmania, Australia. This is the worlds largest southern bluefin taken on a threadline. The anglers are Tim Haw and Locki Nichols, also featured is Winga’s mate Stuart Nichols, Rodney and Richard Gilham. The line class is PE5. For more details visit