My alltime favourite lures!!!
Who say’s you can’t have enough lures, and here’s a few of my alltime Favourites. Just getting ready for our Hardline Reefari Charter and it pays to have a good lure selection with plenty of trolling for Spanish Mackerel, and even yellowfin tuna. Poppers are great for fishing for Giant Trevally along the reef edges, and don’t forget the soft plastics, great for coral trout in the shallows, or jigging in the deep water.
Now after 20 years of fishing the reef, these are the best proven fishtakers of the reef, and will outfish all other lures guaranteed. These are now the only ones I buy, no freebies here unfortunately, Make sure you have a selection of these lures in your tackle box. I didn’t have any X-rap Magnums 30’s but a top lure, the only negative is the $30 price tag, but they do catch fish, so make sure you have somme of these too. The extra depth is well worth it as well, especially when the mackerel are down deeper.
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Cheers Greg
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