Trolling Tips for Spanish or King Mackerel!! Heres some great fishing and trolling tips video for Spanish or King Mackerel. Always troll the deepwater points and reef ledges, as this is where mackerel will hold feeding for baitfish. No point trolling a desert, so work good deep ledges, points, and rocks which hold fish. This was an area I rarely fish or troll, but sticking to the above rule, we managed to find three nice Spanish Mackerel within an hour and topped the esky off nicely after catching a good feed of reef fish. Made for another top day out fishing. It pays to vary things up and adds another dimension to a great day out on the water. I’ll normally work an area for half an hour and if no luck move on. Keep an eye on the tides as certain areas will fish better on a certain tide. Just because no strikes, doesn’t mean there are no fish there. I’ll troll the same area again, but on the way back to port, maybe 6 hours later and a tide change can make all the difference.
Keep trying and trolling different rigs, I like to troll a mix of lures and baits, with wogs working really well around the islands. These are a great swimming rig with gar(ballyhoo), and very quick and easy to rig. Often if the mackerel are fussy and won’t hit lures, they’ll rig a swimming gar or wolf herring. You gotta love wogs and well worth giving a troll. Check out our other trolling videos and how to’s, but you should be able to troll 4 lures/baits out of most boats, Just stagger your lures and depths correctly. Run the lures in close and deep and the shallower rigged baits further back.
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