Underwater Video footage with new Sony Action Cam!!

http://www.reefari.com Here’s a bit of underwater camera video playing with the New Sony Handy cam, HDR-AS15 thanks to Jason. A Great bit of gear, and so good in fact I decided to buy one myself. So expect to see some more underwater shots, and video in future. It should open up a heap of great opportunities for different shots from see what the bottom looks like in the deep, how many fish, Catching GT’s and even diving on the reef.
So we’ll see what happens when fish bite your bait, what’s down there, etc,
In this video we see a Moray eel swim past, heaps more pickers, fish and a nice Angel fish having a go at the bait. Also make sure you turn up the volume and you’ll hear Whale noises in the background. There were heaps around on the day, but none close whilst filming, amazing how far the sound travels underwater.
Hope you enjoy, Please subscribe with more underwater videos sure to come and show a different angle of our fishing adventures,
Cheers Greg
We do have very limited Mothershipping (Centurion, Raptor II & Dories) fishing charters available, specialising in deeper reefs and shoals chasing larger red emperor, nannygai, etc. We do have shared charters as well in case you don’t have a full group but you do have to book early.
These are excellant fishing adventures, fishing remote parts of the Great Barrier Reef and outer hardline edges up to 200 kilometres offshore or more,
We are taking expressions of interest for this year and we will have several shared and Mothershipping charters.
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